The Humble Crumb

a tiny boutique community bakery



How we got started....

Ruth was given a  Cinnamon Roll Recipe from a Friend in Kansas over a decade ago. Ever since, she has been making cinnamon rolls for everyone she knows...for family, friends, baseball teams, teachers, and neighbors!  

in 2012, Ruth and her Daughter-in-law, Betsy, made up a little plan. They wanted a fun Hobby so they decided that Ruth should bake Cinnamon Rolls every Tuesday  and Betsy would pick them up at 3 o'clock and drive over to the 4 o'clock Sherwood Farmer's Market (on Country Club Road @ the time) every Tuesday night.

they were committed. Every Tuesday night that summer you could buy Cinnamon Rolls from Ruth and Betsy...even if it was 104 degrees outside!

The humble Crumb was humbly starting to take shape.

Sherwood's Market dwindled and many times betsy was the only cinnamon roll "farmer" out there. We decided to start selling at the Little Rock Farmer's Market on Saturday Mornings.

Betsy's Sister, Tori started to Help with the baking and selling. She introduced our Blueberry Muffins!  These were some long, hard days! Betsy and Tori took over some of the Cinnamon Roll Making and Betsy's kitchen became a home commercial kitchen. Betsy and Tori would take shifts through the night preparing for their Saturday Morning Little Rock Sale. Every Saturday, at 4 am,  Tori would load up Betsy's mini van with boxes and boxes of baked goods for the Market. Now we were starting to dream of a new tiny commercial kitchen to sell out of....

in the fall of 2014, we began turning Betsy and her husband Eli's Garage into a tiny commercial kitchen. it was just stocked with a commercial oven, mixer, and 3-bowl sink ;-) In January of 2015 we opened our tiny bakery to the public and things started to take off! tori worked full time baking, preparing orders, and selling of Friday's and Saturdays. We prayed a lot and Learned a lot. When Tori Got married and moved north in 2016, we started hiring some beloved ladies to take over her full-time role. We operated in this tiny Kellogg Acres Road Kitchen for 2 years, hired 9 ladies to take on new part-time jobs, and sold Thousands of Cinnamon Rolls, Hundreds of Scones, Muffins, and Cookies! Lots of Memories were made there.

Now, in august of 2017, just days after Betsy's 5th Baby is born, we signed papers and purchased an old beloved daycare at 110 Loop Road in Sherwood. We have completely renovated this quaint building and converted it into a dine-in/take-out Community Bakery, Gift shop, and small-occasion Event Space. We are thankful to God for this opportunity and to our faithful customers for their continual support!


Ruth has 8 kids, one of whom is Betsy's Husband. Betsy has 5 kids and you may see them on the Humble Crumb Facebook page a lot!