The Humble Crumb

a tiny boutique community bakery

The Kitchen Renovation


The first step to expanding our business is the renovation of our garage into a commercial kitchen. Here are some photos of the process. We used to use the garage as storage to keep our bikes, storage bins, and other miscellaneous items. Soon it will be a fully functioning and licensed commercial kitchen!   The first requirement was to block off the door that led from the garage (new kitchen) directly to our breezeway. In order to have a licensed kitchen it can only have an external door (nothing connecting it to the house). So we've blocked off that side entrance and Elijah (Betsy's husband) replaced the old garage door with a nice new (red!) double door!  The people in the following photos are Elijah, Ruth and Jerry, Daniel (Eli's brother), Tori, and Eli and Betsy's kids are wandering around in some of the pictures :-) Eli, Ruth, and Jerry can tackle just about any construction project that they put their mind to. They have already run and installed all of the electricity, gas, and temperature control needed to run our kitchen. At this point, the insulation is in and the drywall is up!  Things are looking good, but we still have quite a bit to do! We will continue to post photos as progress is made!