The Humble Crumb

a tiny boutique community bakery

Fall is just around the corner

We are opening again on October 7th after a nice September break. We originally closed because we knew that we would be so busy with Tori's wedding preparation in Pennsylvania. It was a very busy time, but since the wedding is past, we have had some free time. Ruth has escaped this Arkansas heat and has been traveling throughout Prince Edward Island with her husband, Jerry, and son, Daniel. They have been having a wonderful time! Betsy has been getting back into a routine of homeschooling her kids, managing her home, and making preparations for Humble Crumb's Fall Re-Opening. Tori is now happily married and living in Maryland with her husband. We will miss her terribly and can never re-pay her for all of the hard work and long hours that she put into making our little bakery what it is today. Thank you Tori! We have hired many wonderful workers to replace Tori. They are hard-working, people-loving, employees and we are so happy to have them be a part of our team.  Our break has been nice, but we can't wait to re-open!